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Construction Updates

Skaggs Building Addition/Renovation - sidewalk and staircase demolition

Beginning on Saturday, Dec. 7, a sidewalk along the east side of the Skaggs building and a staircase on the south side of the building will be demolished. This work will take place inside of the construction fence, but the noise associated with it will be heard in the area. We apologize for the inconvenience. The demolition will take approximately three weeks.

Banner Construction on 2nd Floor - Detour to Cafeteria

Banner Construction on 2nd Floor - Detour to Cafeteria. Please be aware that Banner University Hospital - Tucson has temporarily closed the north end of the 2nd floor in order to complete a flooring project. This closure will be in place until Friday, Dec. 13. To access the cafeteria from the College of Medicine during this project, please take an elevator to the 4th floor and then follow the detour signs to the Tower 1 elevator. You can then take the Tower 1 elevator to the 1st floor and proceed to the cafeteria.

Visitor Parking in Health Sciences Garage

Information About Visitor Parking in Health Sciences Garage, from the August 13 or 15 information sessions.

HSIB Project Construction Notice - No Entry

The Health Sciences Innovation Building (HSIB) is currently considered an active construction site and, for the safety of all, no unauthorized persons should be entering or walking through the building unaccompanied. Certain, specific events have been allowed by the contractor prior to the official opening. Attendees of any event should remain in the vicinity of the designated event space.