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Construction Updates

HSIB - September 2018 Community Newsletter

We are in the final months of construction on the new HSIB. The department of Medical Imaging has moved into the basement. Work is progressing on the other floors and furniture will be arriving soon. Here are the latest photos and information on the HSIB project in Kitchell Contractors’ SEPTEMBER UPDATE.

New Accessible Entrance on the south side of Skaggs

The Level 3 East accessible entrance to the Skaggs College of Pharmacy building will be closed for the duration of construction as of Wednesday, Sept. 19th. A new ramp along the south side of the building has been completed and will provide an accessible entrance throughout construction.

Skaggs Addition/Renovation Newsletter #1 Sept. 5, 2018

Construction of the new addition and renovation of the College of Pharmacy Skaggs building is getting underway - construction fences are going up this week! Throughout the project, which is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2019, DPR Construction will provide newsletters with up-to-date progress and notices of upcoming activities.

Aug. 31 impact: Elm Street and south Ring Road transition

Aug. 31, Elm Street and south Ring Road transition will impact the parking lot at the Occupational Health/Human Resources/Trauma Services building 212. One-way traffic westbound from Warren Avenue to Garage C, enter and exit Garage C from the south whenever possible to keep traffic congestion to a minimum. Please click through to this news item for all details.