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Construction Updates

March 14 - Closure of paths between HSIB and MRB

This Saturday, March 14, a boom will be placed on the south side of the HSIB for most of the day. This will restrict the sidewalk between HSIB and MRB, but there will be access through the area.

March 7, 2020 - partial closure of Drachman Circle

The Drachman Circle on the west side of the UAHS campus will be restricted this Saturday so that a boom lift can be placed adjacent to the HSIB. Vehicles will not be able to make a full turn around the circle. The sidewalk between HSIB and Skaggs Pharmacy will be restricted as well. The restriction will be in place most of the day.

March 9 2020 - Skaggs sidewalk closure

March 9: Skaggs Building Addition and Renovations project team will bring in a crane to load equipment on the roof of the building. The crane will be placed on the sidewalk at the southeast corner of the building for a few hours in the morning of Monday, March 9th. For safety reasons, pedestrians will be detoured around the spot between the Pharmacy, Nursing and the Drachman buildings.

Tue. Jan. 28: Banner construction work at old main entrance

Please be advised there will be a crane put in place at the top of the circle drive in front of the old hospital entrance on Tuesday, for one day only. Half of the circle drive will be closed to traffic. The remainder of the circle will be two-way traffic for that day only.