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Construction Updates

BSRL Project Newsletter #76 Sept. 12, 2017

The latest project info and photos are in this week's BSRL NEWSLETTER from DPR.

BSRL Project Newsletter #75, Sept. 1, 2017

Meet the Project Logistics team and see some behind-the-scenes photos in this week's newsletter.

BSRL Project Newsletter #74, August 17, 2017

Shoring and excavation has started on the new “areaway” on the west side of the building, along Cherry. The areaway will be the portal into the basement for a future 7 Tesla MRI. The steel lagging used to support this massive areaway extends 45 feet into the earth to retain the soil. The project is on schedule to be complete in December and ready for the researchers, staff and faculty to move in.

Drachman Street Changes

As promised, Drachman St. east of Cherry, “the turnaround” and the Cat Tran stop which have all been closed or restricted since March, will open for the fall semester.

BSRL Project Newsletter #73, August 3, 2017

How many contractors does it take to screw in more than 2,300 lightbulbs? You’ll have to help me with a punchline for that one – in the meantime, hope you enjoy the Fun Fact in this week’s BSRL NEWSLETTER.